Space Law and Space Mining

This week I attended the fourth meeting of The Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group[1] (I am an observer). After the publication of draft building blocks, I will do another post on them and the Working Group itself but in the meantime, I thought that I would take this opportunity to discuss space mining in […]

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Building a ‘Space Nation’

Between Asgardia[1] and Elon Musk inspired talk of Mars colonies, there has been quite a bit of discussion of colonization of space and celestial bodies and the possibility of setting up a space nation recently. Some of these groups have addressed, even if inadequately, some of the legal concerns surrounding creating a space colony, settlement […]

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Luxembourg’s New Space Law

Luxembourg has become the second nation, the first in Europe, to provide a legal framework for space resource utilization activities (i.e. space mining). Their law comes into force a little over a week from now, on 1 August 2017, and an English translation can be found here (note only the French version is official). They […]

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UK Space Industry Bill

The Space Industry Bill[1] was announced as part of the Queen’s Speech on 21 June 2017. It received its first reading in the House of Lords the week after on 27 June. The Space Industry Bill is the UK Spaceflight Act which was introduced into Parliament earlier this year but was only part way through […]

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