Space Law in the City of Light

This past Friday I had the good fortune to attend the ECSL[1] Practitioners’ Forum at ESA headquarters in Paris. This is the third Practitioners’ Forum I have attended and they have always proved interesting and informative. This year’s was on the ‘Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Mega-Constellations’. As the Forum is conducted under ‘Chatham House […]

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UK Spaceflight Act 2017

A UK spaceport has been on the horizon for a few years now and there are number of different sites scattered throughout the UK that have been positioning themselves as the most viable candidate. Initially there was going to be a winner chosen that would be the official UK spaceport but the government tweaked things […]

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The Outer Space Treaty at Fifty

The Outer Space Treaty (OST), frequently described as the ‘constitution’ or cornerstone of space law, was opened for signature fifty years ago today on 27 January 1967. The OST has now been ratified by 104 States and signed by a further 25. It is the most widely accepted of the five major space treaties (although […]

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New Year, New Blog

A new year always seems like a good time to start a new project and this represents the more successful of my notions for a new year project (I’ve yet to actually go on a single run in 2017, so this is certainly 100% more successful than project ‘get fit’.) I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully; to […]

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